The Hostel

Tilcara is the best city in the valley to stay, it is located at a strategic point from where every tour is possible. There are different means of transport, lodges, restaurants, clubs (folk music) and bars.

We are a young hostel with a friendly vibe and we can promise you will have a good time here – it doesn’t matter if you are travelling by yourself, with friends or with people you have only just met. We succeed creating  a relaxed atmosphere, so that all our visitors feel at home, sharing dinner tables and special moments together. The hostel is the owner`s home.

In March 2019 we opened Tilcara Rústica Hostel and we are still changing and improving  day  after day, so we can provide the best  service. We want to keep on growing and improving, because  the travellers who have stayed in our hostel, have congratulated us, thanked us and recommended us.

Therefore we hope  you will have a good time here, enjoy the beautiful Tilcara and Humahuaca ,and so you will keep on recommending us.